Here is our quick and easy to understand guide

We can only accept parcels that are:

Maximum length of 2.2m

Maximum 0.125m3 (vol weight of 25kgs)

Maximum weight of 25kgs


When packing your items for delivery please make sure to do so appropriately to ensure their own safety and to the other items being delivered too.

Sameday Courier has the responsibility to assess the status of the packaging when picking the parcel. We may reject any parcel where we believe the packaging does not comply with our rules.

  1. Choose carefully.

If you are item is likely to get damaged during transit, we recommend using a box / satchel / bag that will fit your item securely and tightly. If possible, please avoid sending your items in large packages as this could not secure your item.

  1. Extra wrapping.

This could be a very good option if your items are somewhat fragile or you just want to take extra care. Using newspaper or bubble-wrap are always a good option to give your item more security.

  1. Secure your items.

Make sure the chosen packaging is properly sealed. Use a wide parcel tape to seal all open areas.

  1. Label your parcel.

It is important to print a label with all details correct and stick it to your parcel. If printing is not available, please make sure to write details clearly and visible. Please remove or cross out any old labels.

  1. Talk to us. We endeavor our very best to secure the items while in transit. We are here to help!


Here are some tips and advise you can use when packing the below items for delivery.

Documents or flat items

Make sure you place this in between of strong card pieces. If you are sending this in a satchel secure the item with inner packaging in case of any damage or rips to the satchel.


Make sure this item is well packed. If possible, use bubble-wrap and inner packaging to prevent any movement during transit.

Glassware and Crockery items

items should be packed in a robust box. If possible, use bubble-wrap or similar to wrap items to make sure they do not move during transit time.

Sharp, long, light and/or slim items

Pack items in a slightly bigger packaging than the item so it does not bend. Cover the edges of the item do avoid damaging to other items or packages. If possible double wrap to avoid any cracks.

Electrical Equipment

When sending electrical equipment please pack this in a non-static internal packaging. If possible, please remove batteries to prevent these from activating during transit.

Perishable and Consumable

Please make sure to label the parcel accordingly. We recommend to pack this as fragile items. If possible, use thermal corrugated cardboard boxes. If no-one is at home will do our best to place the box on a shady and safe spot.


Pack this in a sturdy box with plenty absorbent materials to help soaking any leakage if any. Please wrap this separate from others. This also applies for wine bottles.

Batteries and Car parts

Label this parcel accordingly. Pack in a very sturdy carton with absorbent materials and inner packaging to help prevent any damage and or movement. Make sure to tape any open areas of the carton with heavy duty tape.